The Tom Fairfield Series
by Allen Chapman

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"Tom Fairfield is a typical American lad full of life and energy, a boy who believes in doing things. To know Tom is to love him." - Cupples & Leon Advertisement

The Tom Fairfield is a five volume adventure series for boys. Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and issued under their house name Allen Chapman from 1913-1915. Syndicate stalwart Howard R. Garis ghosted the Tom Fairfield series.

All the stories are in the public domain and some are available for free on Project Gutenberg and in low priced reprint editions available from

Allen Chapman was a popular Syndicate house name, used on The Darewell Chums, Fred Fenton, Railroad Series, Radio Boys, Tom Fairfield, and other publications.

Publishers: 1913-1915 Cupples & Leon (1-5)

Illustrators: Louis Wisa (1-4); Walter S. Rogers (5)

Publishing Information
1) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Light blue cloth binding (various shades observed), dark blue lettering; pictorial front in red & dark blue. Red spine shield. Same for all books.
Illustrations: Frontispiece on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper, dark blue and red illustration same as the book cover.
2) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Blue tweed binding, dark blue lettering, pictorial front in dark blue only
Illustrations: Same as 1.
Dust Jacket: Buff to white coated paper, full color artwork. Same for all books.

Tom Fairfield Dustjacket Style 2 Tom Fairfield Cover Style 2 Tom Fairfield Cover Tom Fairfield Cover Style 1 Tom Fairfield Dustjacket Style 1
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Tom Fairfield at Sea Frontispiece
01: Tom Fairfield's Schooldays - 1913
or, The Chums of Elmwood Hall
"Tells how Tom started for school, of the mystery surrounding one of the Hall seniors, and of how the hero went to the rescue. The first book in a line that is bound to become decidedly popular."

02: Tom Fairfield At Sea - 1913
or, The Wreck of the Silver Star
"Tom's parents had gone to Australia and then been cast away somewhere in the Pacific. Tom set off to find them and himself cast away. A thrilling picture of the perils of the deep.

03: Tom Fairfield In Camp - 1913
or, The Secret of the Old Mill
"The boys decided to go camping, and located near an old mill. A wild man resided there and he made it decidedly lively for Tom and his chums. The secret of the old mill adds to the interest of the volume."

04: Tom Fairfield's Pluck And Luck - 1913
or, Working to Clear His Name
"While Tom was back at school some of his enemies tried to get him in trouble. Something unusual occured and Tom was suspected of a crime. How set he to work to clear his name is told in a manner to interest all young readers."

05: Tom Fairfield's Hunting Trip - 1915
or, Lost in the Wilderness
"Tom was only a schoolboy, but he loved to use a shotgun or a rifle. In this volume we meet him on a hunting trip full of outdoor life and good times around the campfire.""
Tom Fairfield's Hunting Trip Frontispiece