Frank Allen Series
by Graham B. Forbes

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The Frank Allen series was created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and published by the Garden City Publishing Co. Volumes 1-7 & 11 were initially issued as The Boys Of Columbia High series from Grosset & Dunlap. The series was issued in both hardcover and paperback editions.

"Frank is a Columbia High boy who knows how to play hockey to win, how to pitch, how to row, and how to make a winning run on the gridiron. And he also knows ho to camp out, how to shoot-- and above all how to take care of himself in any and every emergency." - Garden City Publishing Co. advertisement.

Publishers: 1926-1927 Garden City Publishing Co.

Publishing Information
Garden City Publishing Co.
Hardcover Vols. 8,9,10,12,13,14
Mustard-tan cloth binding, black lettering. Same for all editions
Illustrations: Frontispiece on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper, different for each book.
Paperback All volumes.
7 3/8" x 5" Different illustration for each cover. No internal illustrations.

01: Frank Allen's Schooldays - 1926
or, The All-Around Rivals Of Columbia High
"A clean-cut school story, full of pep and giner from beginning to end. Frank is a manly, outspoken lad that to know him is to cotton to him at one. How Frank befriended an unknown lad, and what came of it, is delightfully told. The first of a series bound to become tremendously popular with all boys."

02: Frank Allen Playing To Win - 1926
or, The Boys Of Columbia High On The Ice
"Snow and snowballing, sledding and skating, and then some thrilling games of ice hockey, and a daring ice-boat race that will hold the reader breathless.And all though it a curious mystery that no boy will want to leave until it is unraveled."

03: Frank Allen In Winter Sports - 1926
or, Columbia High On Skates And Iceboats
"More doings in mid-winter and again Frank Allen is to the front in this new series of thrilling adventures. In this volume Frank proves himself a hero in more ways than one and shows up his enemies as they were never shown up before."

04: Frank Allen And His Rivals - 1926
or, The Boys Of Columbia High In Track Athletics

05: Frank Allen -- Pitcher - 1926
or, The Boys Of Columbia High On The Diamond

06: Frank Allen, Head Of The Crew - 1926
or, The Boys Of Columbia High On The River

07: Frank Allen In Camp - 1926
or, Columbia High And The School League Rivals

08: Frank Allen At Rockspur Ranch - 1926
or, The Old Cowboy's Secret

09: Frank Allen At Gold Ford - 1926
or, Locating The Lost Claim

10: Frank Allen And His Motor Boat - 1926
or, Racing To Save A Life

11: Frank Allen, Captain Of The Team - 1926
or, The Boys Of Columbia High On The Gridiron

12: Frank Allen At Old Moose Lake - 1926
or, The Trail In The Snow

13: Frank Allen At Zero Camp - 1926
or, The Queer Old Man Of The Hills

14: Frank Allen Snowbound - 1927
or, Fighting For Life In The Big Blizzard

15: Frank Allen After Big Game - 1927 *
       or, With Guns And Snowshoes In The Rockies

16: Frank Allen With The Circus - 1927 *
       or, The Old Ringmaster's Secret

17: Frank Allen Pitching His Best - 1927 *
       or, The Baseball Rivals Of Columbia High

* - Probable phantom title.