The Boys Of Columbia High Series
by Graham B. Forbes

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The eight volume Boys Of Columbia High series was created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and initially published by Grosset & Dunlap from 1912 to 1920. Later the books were reprinted as part of the Frank Allen series by Garden City Publishing Co.

"Never was there a cleaner, brighter, more manly boy than Frank Allen, the hero of this series of boys' tales, and never was there a better crowd of lads to associate with than the students of the School. All boys will read these stories with deep interest. The rivalry between the towns along the river was of the keenest, and plots and counterplots to win the championships, at baseball, at football, at boat racing, at track athletics, and at ice hockey were without number. Any lad reading one volumes of this series will surely want the others." - Grosset & Dunlap advertisement.

All the stories are in the public domain and some are available for free on Project Gutenberg and in low priced (often free for Kindle) reprint editions available from

Publishers: 1911-1920 Grosset & Dunlap

Illustrators: Walter S. Rogers (all)

Publishing Information
Grosset & Dunlap (all)
Gray cloth binding, illustrated cover in red and green. Same for all editions
Illustrations: Frontispiece and 3 internals on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper, same picture as book cover. Same for all books except 8, which is duotone. 1-7 were reissued in this format.

01: The Boys Of Columbia High - 1911
or, The All Around Rivals Of The School

02: The Boys Of Columbia High On The Diamond - 1911
or, Winning Out By Pluck

03: The Boys Of Columbia High On The River - 1911
or, The Boat Race Plot That Failed

04: Boys Of Columbia High On The Gridiron - 1911
or, The Struggle For The Silver Cup

05: The Boys Of Columbia High On The Ice - 1911
or, Out For The Hockey Championship

06: The Boys Of Columbia High In Track Athletics - 1913
or, A Long Run That Won

07: Boys Of Columbia High In Winter Sports - 1915
or, Stirring Doings On Skates And Iceboats

08: The Boys Of Columbia High In Camp - 1920
or, The Rivalry Of The Old School League