The Webster Series
by Frank V. Webster

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"Mr. Webster's style is very much like that of the boys' favorite author, the late lamented Horatio Alger, Jr., but his tales are thoroughly up-to-date. The stories are as clean as they are clever, and will prove of absorbing interest to boys everywhere." - Cupples & Leon Advertisement

The books have no common characters or settings. Frank V. Webster is a Stratemeyer Syndicate pseudonym. Actual writers include Howard Garis, St. George Rathbone, J.W. Lincoln, and Weldon J. Cobb. The stories' settings are varied, but can generally be described as Algeresque. Typically, the hero is a poor boy, often an orphan, who must fend for himself, thwarted by evil adults (e.g. Bob Chester's Grit) or "enemy boys" (e.g. The Newsboy Partners) who are conspiring against him. All the stories are in the public domain and some are available for free on Project Gutenberg and in low priced (often free for Kindle) reprint editions available from

Publishers: 1909-1915 Cupples & Leon (1-25); Reprinted in 1938 by Saalfield Publishing Co. (4-6, 9-13, 16, 19, 23, 25)

Illustrators: Charles Nuttall (1-12); Richards (13-15); H. Richards Boehm (16-17); Walter S. Rogers (18-25)

Publishing Information
1) Cupples & Leon (1-25)
Cream colored cloth binding, black lettering; pictorial front & spine in different colors.
Illustrations: (1-20) frontispiece and 3 illustrations on plain paper; (21-25) frontispiece only on coated paper.
Dust Jackets: Powder blue or white coated paper, line pictoral in dark blue ink, same illustration as book cover. Some DJs in this format have additional colors. Later DJs on white coated paper, pictorial illustration in color, different for each book.
2) Cupples & Leon (1-25)
Same as 1 but all black ink, DJs in full color.
3) Saalfield (all)
Cloth binding like 2 but in several colors, same DJs as 2 but cheap paper.
4) Saalfield (some)
Slightly larger textured composition binding, plain cover.
Saalfield issued groups of 3 Webster Series in slipcased gift editions.

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 Books marked pg are available in free digital editions on Project Gutenberg.
01: Only a Farm Boy - 1909
or, Dan Hardy's Rise in Life

02: Tom the Telephone Boy - 1909
or, The Mystery of a Message

03: The Boy from The Ranch - 1909 pg
or, Roy Bradner's City Experiences

04: The Young Treasure Hunter - 1909 pg
or, Fred Stanley's Trip to Alaska

05: Bob, the Castaway - 1909 pg
or, The Wreck of the Eagle

06: The Young Firemen of Lakeville - 1909 pg
or, Herbert Dare's Pluck

07: The Newsboy Partners - 1909 pg
or, Who Was Dick Box?

08: The Boy Pilot of the Lakes - 1909 pg
or, Nat Morton's Perils

09: Two Boy Gold Miners - 1909 pg
or, Lost in the Mountains
10: Jack, the Runaway; - 1909
or, On the Road with a Circus

11: Comrades of the Saddle - 1910 pg
or, The Young Rough Riders of the Plains

12: The Boys of Bellwood School - 1910 pg
or, Frank Jordan's Triumph

13: Bob Chester's Grit - 1911 pg
or, From Ranch to Riches

14: Airship Andy - 1911 pg
or, The Luck of a Brave Boy

15: The High School Rivals - 1911
or, Fred Markham's Struggles

16: Darry, The Life Saver - 1911 pg
or, The Heroes of the Coast

17: Dick, The Bank Boy - 1911 pg
or, The Missing Fortune

18: Ben Hardy's Flying Machine - 1911
or, Making a Record for Himself
19: The Boys of the Wireless - 1912 pg
or, A Stirring Rescue from the Deep

20: Harry Watson's High School Days - 1912 pg
or, The Rivals of Rivertown

21: The Boy Scouts of Lenox - 1915 pg
or, The Hike over Big Bear Mountain

22: Tom Taylor at West Point - 1915
or, The Old Army Officer's Secret

23: Cowboy Dave - 1915 pg
or, The Round-Up at Rolling River

24: Two Boys of the Battleship - 1915 pg
or, For the Honor of Uncle Sam

25: Jack of the Pony Express - 1915 pg
or, The Young Rider of the Mountain Trails