the Riddle Club series
by Alice Dale Hardy

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The Riddle Club was a 6 volume series created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and published by Grosset & Dunlap 1924-1929.
The illustrator for all volumes was Walter S. Rogers.
Josephine Lawrence wrote the series under the Stratemeyer house name of Alice Dale Hardy.
Each book has a glossy frontispiece and three glossy internal illustrations.
"Here is as ingenious a series of book for little folks as has ever appeared since 'Alice In Wonderland.' The idea of the Riddle books is a litlle group of children--three girls and three boys decide to form a riddle club. Each book is full of the adventures and doings of these six youngsters, but as an added attraction each book is filled with a lot of the best riddles you ever heard." - Grosset & Dunlap advertisement
Riddle Club Cover Art Riddle Club Cover Art

01: The Riddle Club At Home - 1924
      How the club was formed, what riddles were asked and how the members solved a mystery.
"An absorbing tale that all boys and girls will enjoys reading. How the members of the club fixed up a club room in the Larue barn, and how they, later on, helped solve a most mysterious happening, and how one of the members won a valuable prize, is told in a manner to please every young reader." - G&D

02: The Riddle Club In Camp - 1924
      How they journeyed to the lake, what happened around the campfire and how a forgotten name was recalled.
"The club members went into camp on the edge of a beautiful lake. Here they had rousing good times swimming, boating and around the campfire. They fell in with a mysterious old man known as The Hermit of Triangle Island. Nobody knew his real name or where he came from until the propounding of a riddle solved these perplexing questions." - G&D

Riddle Club Cover Art Riddle Club Cover Art

03: The Riddle Club Through the Holidays - 1924
      The club and its doings, how the riddles were solved and what the snowman revealed.
"This volume takes in a great number of winter sports, including skating and sledding and the building of a huge snowman. It also gives the particulars of how the club treasurer lost the dues entrusted to his care and what the melting of the great snowman revealed." - G&D

04: The Riddle Club at Sunrise Beach - 1925
      How they toured to the shore, what happened on the sand and how they solved the mystery of Rattlesnake Island.
"This volume tells how the club journeyed to the seashore and how they not only kept up their riddles but likewise had a good time on the sand and in the water. Once they got lost in a fog and are marooned on an island. Here they made a discovery that greatly pleased the folks at home." - G&D

Riddle Club Cover Art Riddle Club Cover Art

05: The Riddle Club At Shadybrook - 1926
      Why they went there, what happened on the way and what occured during their absence from home.
"While their parents are away in Canada to receive an inheritance, the Riddle Club stays at Shadybrook Farm."

06: The Riddle Club at Rocky Falls - 1929
      How they went up the river, what adventures they had in the woods and how they solved the mystery of the deserted hotel.
"The Riddle Club solves the mystery of a stolen hotel payroll."