The Slim Tyler Air Stories
by Richard H. Stone

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Slim Tyler Slim Tyler "A new group of stories for boys by a new author whose excellent air adventures are so realistically written and so up to the minute in all their implications as to win ready admiration from all readers." - Cupples & Leon advertisement. Slim Tyler

Richard H. Stone was a pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate for this series only.

In 1936 Cupples & Leon reprinted the first four volumes in their omnibus, Aviation Stories For Boys

Published by Cupples & Leon in a red (varies to dark orange) cloth binding with black lettering. Glossy frontispiece. Decorative C&L "bookplate" endpapers replaced the previously blank ones in later editions.

Source of annotations: Cupples & Leon advertisements.

Cover Art: Howard L. Hastings

Slim Tyler Slim Tyler
1: Sky Riders of the Atlantic - 1930
    or, Slim Tyler's First Trip in the Clouds
Slim Tyler though but a boy, finds himself confronted by troubles and by enemies that may well have dismayed a man. By pluck and straight thinking he fights clear of entanglements and gains a place he has long coveted among flyers.
This story was also reprinted in Popular Stories For Boys circa 1934.

2: Lost Over Greenland - 1930
     or, Slim Tyler's Search for Dave Boyd
Slim Tyler sets out in search of his friend and patron who is lost over Greenland, and in so doing has many hair-raising adventures that make this an absorbing story.

3: An Air Cargo of Gold - 1930
    or, Slim Tyler, Special Bank Messenger
Quick-witted and resourceful, Slim, after strenuous efforts to gain the world's endurance record, faces more odds when he makes a perilous trip carrying a cargo of gold.

4: Adrift Over Hudson Bay - 1931
    or, Slim Tyler in the Land of Ice
Blazing the great Northeaster trail against great odd, this story will captivate the hearts of the boys.

5: An Airplane Mystery - 1931
    or, Slim Tyler on the Trail
The story of a rescue, after the flyers had been given up for lost, was a "whale" of a story.

6: Secret Sky Express - 1932
    or, Slim Tyler Saving a Fortune
A story of many episodes and thrills against great odds.

Cover scan for volume 4 courtesy of Dave Wagenblast. Thanks!

Slim Tyler
Slim Tyler