The Saddle Boys Series
by Captain James Carson

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"All lads who like life in the open air and a good steed, will want to peruse these books. Captain Carson knows his subject thoroughly, and his stories are as pleasing as they are healthful and instructive." - Cupples & Leon Advertisement

The Saddle Boys in this five volume Western-themed series are Frank Haywood, only son of rich miner/ranch owner Leonidas Haywood and Frank's friend Bob Archer, who hails from Kentucky. Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and issued under their house name Captain James Carson from 1913-1915.

All the stories are in the public domain and some are available for free on Project Gutenberg and in low priced reprint editions available from

Publishers: 1913-1915 Cupples & Leon (1-5)

Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers (1-5)

Publishing Information
1) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Tan cloth binding (various shades observed), black lettering; pictorial front in brown & black.
Illustrations: Frontispiece on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper, full color artwork. Same for all books.
2) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Same as 1 but gray cloth binding.
Illustrations: Same as 1.
Dust Jacket: Same as 1.
2) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Green cloth binding, all lettering & artwork in black only.
Illustrations: Same as 1.
Dust Jacket: Same as 1.

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01: Saddle Boys of the Rockies - 1913
or, Lost on Thunder Mountain
"Telling how the lads started out to solve the mystery of a great noise in the mountains -- how they got lost -- and of the things they discovered."

02: Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon - 1913
or, The Hermit of the Cave
"A weird and wonderful story of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado, told in a most absorbing manner. The Saddle Boys are to the front in a manner to please all young readers."

03: Saddle Boys on the Plains - 1913
or, After a Treasure of Gold
"In this story the scene is shifted to the great plains of the southwest and then to the Mexican border. There is a stirring struggle for gold, told as only Captain Carson can tell it."

04: Saddle Boys at Circle Ranch - 1913
or, In at the Grand Round-up
"Here we have lively times at the ranch, and likewise the particulars of a grand round-up of cattle and encounters with wild animals and also cattle thieves. A story that breathes the very air of the plains."

05: Saddle Boys on Mexican Trails - 1915
or, In the Hands of the Enemy
"The scene is shifted in this volume to Mexico. The boys go on an important errand, and are caught between the lines of the Mexican soldiers. They are captured and for a while all looks black for them but all ends happily."