Series Books For Sale From Robert Finnan

I try to be fair and honest in my grading, and make every attempt to mention significant defects.
FINE: in exceptional condition; not perfect, but very high grade.
VERY GOOD+: still nice, but showing its age; some overall wear.
VERY GOOD: the average used book, etc.; not too heavily worn, but shows an accumulation of wear, creases, etc..
GOOD: complete, but well-used with worn edges and a greater accumulation of creases and other wear.
POOR: A reading copy, all text pages present, other pages may be missing, book and DJ (if present) in terrible shape.

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$4.25 for the first book, 75 each add'l.

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Hardy Boys books - All original text.
$10 each
The Clue of the Broken Blade, The Phantom Freighter, Secret of skull Mtn, Sign of the crooked arrow, Chinese junk and The Melted Coins have been sold.
Tom Swift Sr. Tan Quad Editions With DJS

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship - SOLD
Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight - $17.99
Tom Swift Among The Diamond Makers - $8.99
Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice - $15.99
Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive - SOLD
Tom Swift in Captivity - SOLD

Easton Press - deluxe leather bound edition of Tom Swift & His Motor-Boat. Pristine condition. $75
Don Sturdy Among The Gorillas (facsimile DJ) $5
Very Good book
Blank endpapers.
Nancy Drew Matte Edition PCs - $3.00 each
16: The Clue Of The Tapping Heels RT
27: The Secret Of The Wooden Lady RT
29: The Mystery At The Ski Jump RT
35: The Haunted Showboat blue scenes eps
44: The Clue In The Crossword Cipher white scenes eps
49: The Secret Of Mirror Bay white scenes eps
50: The Double Jinx Mystery white scenes eps

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