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I try to be fair and honest in my grading, and make every attempt to mention significant defects.
FINE: in exceptional condition; not perfect, but very high grade.
VERY GOOD+: still nice, but showing its age; some overall wear.
VERY GOOD: the average used book, etc.; not too heavily worn, but shows an accumulation of wear, creases, etc..
GOOD: complete, but well-used with worn edges and a greater accumulation of creases and other wear.
POOR: A reading copy, all text pages present, other pages may be missing, book and DJ (if present) in terrible shape.

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$4.25 for the first book, 75 each add'l.

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Tom Swift Sr. Tan Quad Editions With DJS

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship - $15.99
Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight - $17.99
Tom Swift Among The Diamond Makers - $8.99
Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice - $15.99
Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive - $15.99
Tom Swift in Captivity - $17.99

Don Sturdy Among The Gorillas (facsimile DJ) $5
Very Good book
Blank endpapers.
Nancy Drew Matte Edition PCs - $3.00 each
16: The Clue Of The Tapping Heels RT
27: The Secret Of The Wooden Lady RT
29: The Mystery At The Ski Jump RT
35: The Haunted Showboat blue scenes eps
44: The Clue In The Crossword Cipher white scenes eps
49: The Secret Of Mirror Bay white scenes eps
50: The Double Jinx Mystery white scenes eps

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