The Motor Girls Series
by Margaret Penrose

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Motor Girls

"Since the enormous success of our "Motor Boys Series," by Clarence Young, we have been asked to get out a similar series for girls. No one is better equipped to furnish these tales than Mrs. Penrose, who, besides being an able writer, is an expert automobilist." - Cupples & Leon Advertisement

A Stratemeyer Syndicate creation, the Motor Girls was published by Cupples & Leon, later reprinted in cheap editions without illustrations by Goldsmith Publishing Co.

G.M. Kaiser (1)
Charles Nuttal (2)
anonymous (3-6)
Walter S. Rogers (7-9)
R. Emmett Owen (10).

All the stories are in the public domain and are available on Project Gutenberg.

The Syndicate also produced a similarly themed Motor Boys series which ran to 22 volumes 1906 to 1924.

Motor Girls
01: The Motor Girls - 1910
or, A Mystery of the Road
When Cora Kimball got her touring car she did not imagine so many adventures were in store for her. During a trip from one city to another a rich young man lost a pocketbook containing valuable stocks and much cash. Later, to the surprise of everybody, the empty pocketbook was found in the toolbox of Cora's automobile. A fine tale that all wide-awake girls will appreciate.

02: The Motor Girls On A Tour - 1910
or, Keeping a Strange Promise
A great many things happen in this volume, starting with the running over of a hamper of good things lying in the road. A precious heirloom is missing, and how it was traced up is told with absorbing interest. Mrs. Penrose's books are as safe as they are interesting and should be on the bookshelf of every girl in the land.

03: The Motor Girls At Lookout Beach - 1911
or, Quest of the Runaways
There was great excitement when the Motor Girls decided to go to Lookout Beach for the summer. Just previous to departing, they visited a strawberry farm, and there fell in with two little girls who were accused by a rich boarder of stealing a pair of diamond earrings. The befriended the little runaways, and at last proved their innocence.

04: The Motor Girls Through New England - 1911
or, Held By Gypsies
A strong story and one which will make this series more popular than ever. There is a robbery at the cottage where the Motor Girls are staying and one of them sees the burglar, who escapes. Later, the man, who is a gypsy, is captured. The girls go on a motoring trip through New England, and there the girl who saw the burglar is abducted and help by the Gypsies so that she cannot go into court to testify against the captured member of the band.

05: The Motor Girls On Cedar Lake - 1912
or, The Hermit of Fern Island
How Cora and her chums went camping on the lake shore, how they took trips in their motor boat, how they met the strange hermit and his daughter and how they aided the hermit in establishing his innocence, are told with a vim and vigor all girls enjoy.

06: The Motor Girls On The Coast - 1913
or, The Waif from the Sea
From a lake the scene is shifted to the sea coast where the girls pay a visit. They have their motor boat with them and go out for many good times.

07: The Motor Girls On Crystal Bay - 1914
or, The Secret of the Red Oar
More jolly times on the water and at a cute little bungalow on the shore of the bay. A tale that will interest all girls.

08: The Motor Girls On Waters Blue - 1915
or, The Strange Cruise of the Tartar
Before the girls start on a long cruise down to the West Indies, they fell in with a foreign girl and she informed them that her father was being held a political prisoner on one of the islands. A story that is full of fun as well as mystery.

09: The Motor Girls At Camp Surprise - 1916
or, The Cave in the Mountains

10: The Motor Girls In The Mountains - 1917
or, The Gypsy Girl's Secret
On a camping trip to the Adirondacks, the Motor Girls become involved in a mystery involving a Gypsy girl and a stolen purse.

Source of annotations: Cupples & Leon advertisements