The Garry Grayson Series
by Elmer A. Dawson

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Garry Grayson

Garry Grayson

Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the Garry Grayson Football series by Elmer A. Dawson was published from 1926 to 1932 by New York publishers Grosset & Dunlap. Volumes 8 and 9 were later reprinted by Whitman as part of their 2300 series.
Walter S. Rogers illustrated the first nine volumes and G. Condon did the final volume for Grosset & Dunlap. Whitman artists are unknown.

Football followers all over the country will hail with delight this new and thoroughly up-to-date line of gridiron tales.

Garry Grayson is a football fan, first, last, and all the time. But more than that, he is a wideawake American boy with a "gang" of chums almost as wideawake as himself.

How Garry organized the first football eleven his grammar school had, how he later played on the High School team, and what he did on the Prep School gridiron and elsewhere, is told in a manner to please all readers and especially those interested in watching a rapid forward pass, a plucky tackle, or a hot run for a touchdown.

Good, clean football at its best -- and in addition, rattling stories of mystery and schoolboy rivalries.

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01: Garry Grayson's Hill Street Eleven
or, The Football Boys of Lenox (1926)

02: Garry Grayson At Lenox High
or, The Champions of the Football League (1926)

03: Garry Grayson's Football Rivals
or, The Secret of the Stolen Signals (1926)

04: Garry Grayson Showing His Speed
or, A Daring Run at the Gridiron (1927)

05: Garry Grayson At Stanley Prep
or, The Football Rivals of Riverview (1927)

06: Garry Grayson's Winning Kick
or, Battling for Honor (1928)

07: Garry Grayson Hitting The Line
or, Stanley Prep on a New Gridiron (1929)

08: Garry Grayson's Winning Touchdown
or, Putting Passmore Tech on the Map (1930)

09: Garry Grayson's Double Signals
or, Vanquishing the Football Plotters (1931)

10: Garry Grayson's Forward Pass
or Winning in the Final Quarter (1932)
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Publishing Information
G&D 1: Green cloth binding, glossy frontispiece, unique color DJ. (1-9)
G&D 2: As 1 but pebbled cream colored binding. (All)
G&D 3: As 1 but orange cloth binding. (All)
Whitman: Textured composition binding in various colors. Unique color DJ. No illustrations. (1,2)