The Feral Nation Series
by Scott B. Williams

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From the Author

Infiltration is the first book in my new Feral Nation Series. If you've read any of my previous post-apocalyptic work in The Pulse Series or The Darkness After Series, you will find that it has much in common with those stories, although it is a different scenario. This time, the crisis is not a naturally-occurring solar event that unleashes a devastating EMP, but rather a series of deliberate acts that spiral out of control leading to violence, anarchy and finally, all-out insurrection.

Anyone paying attention to the news headlines in the U.S. and Europe can see that the tipping point to such upheaval looms closer every year. Feral Nation explores a not-too-distant future where widespread fighting has torn a nation apart, forcing survivors to either take sides or fend for themselves. In south Florida, where the action in Book One takes place, the situation is complicated further after a devastating hurricane completes the job of shutting down the power grid and cutting off survivors from any hope of outside help.

Feral Nation author

Scott B. Williams has been writing about his adventures for more than twenty-five years. His published work includes nineteen books, both fiction and nonfiction. His interest in sea kayaking and sailing small boats to remote places led him to pursue the wilderness survival skills that he has written about in his popular survival books. His nonfiction travel narratives include On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean, a first-person account of his two-year solo kayaking journey through the islands.

With the release of his first novel: The Pulse, in 2012, Scott began writing fiction and has since written multiple sequels in the ongoing Pulse Series and Darkness After Series.

Feral Nation dustjacket

01: Infiltration - 9/19/17 - For Sale

In a near future, post-Apocalyptic America, civil unrest and insurrection spreads in the wake of coordinated attacks by anarchists and terrorists. Battles between dissident factions rage from coast-to-coast as cities and towns become war zones. With travel and communications severely restricted and food, fuel and other essentials in short supply, the nation is on the brink of collapse...

Feral Nation dustjacket Professional security contractor, Eric Branson has been away fighting ongoing insurgencies in Europe when he realizes his own country faces the same fate. But before he can make his way back home to Florida, a catastrophic hurricane deals the final blow to an infrastructure ravaged by riots and terror, leaving survivors cut off and on their own. Amid the death and destruction in the aftermath, Eric begins his most dangerous mission yet, searching for the family he left behind.

02: Insurrection - 12/10/17 - For Sale

Survival in a nation of ever-evolving chaos...

After returning from Europe to a post-apocalyptic south Florida ravaged by a killer hurricane and widespread violence, private security contractor Eric Branson learns that the daughter he came to save is still two thousand miles away.

With a crew that includes his father and his ex-wife, as well as the young survivor that tried to rob him upon arrival, Eric embarks on a voyage across the Gulf to make his way into the heart of a nation ripped apart by anarchy and terror. Feral Nation dustjacket

03: Tribulation - 5/29/18 - For Sale

Eric Branson and his crew have escaped a hopeless situation in south Florida, and crossed the Gulf of Mexico to reach the jurisdiction of Eric's brother, Deputy Sheriff Keith Branson.

But they arrive to find devastation and violence as bad as what they left behind. The sheriff's department Keith works for has been decimated by riots and terror attacks. Law and order has broken down and the infrastructure nationwide has been severely crippled, leaving the desperate struggling to survive by any means necessary. For Eric, reaching Louisiana is just another step in a difficult quest that will take him overland to the Colorado Rockies in search of his daughter. Getting there will take everything he's learned in a decade and a half of fighting wars all over the world. Feral Nation dustjacket

04: The Divide - 9/25/18 - For Sale

An offer too good to refuse.

Eric Branson is still weeks from reaching his daughter in Colorado, but an opportunity to get there a whole lot faster has him participating in business he wanted no part of when he returned to the homeland.

Just like in the old days, things change and go downhill fast when the action begins, and the mission he's agreed to will test even a war-hardened SEAL and private contractor.

And by the time Eric extricates himself from his new predicament, it might be too late to take advantage of the deal he signed up for.

Nothing will stop him from reaching the Rockies in the end, but what he uncovers when he gets there sets Eric on a new path he has no choice but to follow.

Is it too late to save Megan from the danger she's gotten herself into? Eric won't know until he finds her, somewhere in the vast mountain wilderness into which she has fled. Feral Nation dustjacket

05: Perseverance - 3/7/19 - For Sale

Moving targets are harder to hit.Eric Branson has fought his way across half a continent in search of his daughter. But with no idea he was coming for her, Megan has done what she must to survive. Now in the heart of a mountain wilderness with winter coming quickly, Eric is on Megan's trail, but will he find her alive at the other end? He knows he's not the only one in pursuit, and that Megan's fate may well hang on whoever finds her first. Perseverance in the face of grim circumstance is the only thing that will see Eric through to his ultimate goal. And the only thing that will stop him is death itself. Feral Nation dustjacket

06: Convergence - 8/21/19 - For Sale

All actions have consequences.Finding Megan alive and in a place of relative safety is a major turning point in Eric Branson's quest. But even though he's reached his main objective, Eric's mission is far from over.Eric made a hard choice when he left Shauna and Jonathan behind to catch up to Megan, and he knew when he did it there would be consequences. Determined to set things right and move on to the next stage of his plan, Eric will retrace his route into the wilderness, but this time he won't be riding alone.Insurgents connected with the organization Eric encountered before are bent on controlling a vital corridor between their mountain strongholds to the north and Mexican border, and Eric's new-found warrior friends are determined to stop them in order to protect their homeland.Once again, Eric will use his skill and expertise to fight for others, but it's a necessary step in attaining his ultimate goal.