the dave porter series
by edward stratemeyer

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Dave Porter The 15 volume Dave Porter series was written by Edward Stratemeyer and published by Lee & Shepard (volume 1), Lothrop, Lee & Shepard (reprint of vol 1, volumes 2-15) from 1905 to 1919. Starting in 1916 and through 1917 Lothrop, Lee & Shepard reissued volumes 1 thru 8 in "Special Editions" and reprinted the other volumes likewise in succeeding years.

1: Harold Matthews
2: I.B. Hazelton
3: F. Gilbert Edge
4-5: Charles Nuttall
6: Lyle T Hammond
7: John Goss
8-9: H. Richard Boehm
10-13: Walter S. Rogers
14-15: R. Emmett Owen

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Dave Porter

Dave Porter

Dave Porter

1: Dave Porter at Oak Hall - 1905
or, The Schooldays of an American Boy

Never was there a brighter, more manly, thoroughlt up-to-date boy than Dave Porter,and all boys who read about him, and girls too, for the matter of that, will be sure to love him from the start. How, as a green country boy, he went to Oak Hall, how he was hazed, and how he had to fight his way through is told with a naturalness that is true to life.

2: Dave Porter in the South Seas - 1906
or, The Cruise of the Stormy Petrel

Dave is the same bright, wide-awake youth he was at school, and his adventures on shipboard and among the unexplored islands of the South Seas will render him dear to the hearts of boys than ever. Dave is trying to solve the mystery of his parentage, and several of his school chums are with him during his wanderings, some sharing his perils. A great tidal wave sends the ship into a strange harbor and there follows a mutiny which places a number on board in great peril.

3: Dave Porter's Return to School - 1907
or, Winning the Medal of Honor

In this volume the scene is shifted back to Oak Hall and once again Dave becomes the centre of as interesting a group of schoolboys as it is possible to imagine. There is a strong plot, with plenty of fun, and not a few rivalries on the athletic field, and the whole volume has a swing and a dash that are irresistible.

4: Dave Porter in the Far North - 1908
or, The Pluck of an American Schoolboy

In this book Dave is still at his well-liked boarding-school, Oak Hall, with his lively but manly comrades, who rejoice with him that he not only has discovered his parentage, but has a father and sister living, though unaware of his existence. Dave cannot rest until he finds those of his own family, and having secured leave of absence from school and accompanied by his chum, the son of a United States Senator, he goes to England only to find that his father has left on an expedition to the upper part of Norway. The boys follow in a most exciting pursuit which is replete with adventure.

5: Dave Porter and his Classmates - 1909
or, For the Honor of Oak Hall

In this volume Dave is back at Oak Hall and he brings about the complete reformation of a former bully, who was rapidly going to the bad. Athletic events and jolly fun are constantly mingled, and as evidence that the boys are not at school entirely for that, many take high honors at the close of the year, Dave being the prize essayist, to the great delight of his friends.

6: Dave Porter at Star Ranch - 1910
or, The Cowboy's Secret

From his home, Dave, in company with his sister and some chums, journeys to the boundless west. At the Ranch the lads fall in with both good and bad cowboys, and the hero has a thrilling time of it riding a 'busting bronco.' Some horses disappear in a mysterious manner, and while trying to get back to the ranch on foot two of the lads are caught in a furious storm, that blows down a big tree on top of them. There are mant scenes of hunting and rounding-up of cattle, and once a stampede adds to the excitement. Mr. Stratemeyer has traveled through the country he describes and gives a picture as accurate as it is entertaining.

7: Dave Porter and his Rivals - 1911
or, The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall

8: Dave Porter on Cave Island - 1912
or, A Schoolboy's Mysterious Mission

9: Dave Porter and the Runaways - 1913
or, Last Days at Oak Hall

10: Dave Porter in the Gold Fields - 1914
or, The Search for the Landslide Mine

11: Dave Porter at Bear Camp - 1915
or, The Wild Man of Mirror Lake

12: Dave Porter and his Double - 1916
or, The Disappearance of the Basswood Fortune

13: Dave Porter's Great Search - 1917
or, The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer

14: Dave Porter Under Fire - 1918
or, A Young Army Engineer in France

15: Dave Porter's War Honors - 1919
or, At the Front With the Fighting Engineers
Dave Porter Special Edition

Dave Porter In The South Seas

Dave Porter Under Fire