The Dave Dashaway Series
by Roy Rockwood

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"Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway. All up-to-date lads will surely wish to read about him." - Cupples & Leon Advertisement

Series synopsis: Dave is the orphaned son of a famous balloonist, and the lad was forced to live with a cruel guardian. He runs away from his guardian, finds work as an airport handyman, studies flying with famed aviator Robert King, and is hired as a pilot for Interstate Aero Company. Dave befriends Hiram Hobbs, who becomes his assistant and sidekick.

Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and issued under their popular house name Roy Rockwood from 1913 to 1915, Dave Dashaway is a five volume series of aviation adventure tales for boys. In May 1912 Edward Stratemeyer wrote to Weldon J. Cobb sending him the outlines of the first two volumes of a new book series. Stratemeyer stated "We want bright, up to date stories, but free from sensationalism. I would like you to give some information about flying machines in general, monoplanes, biplanes, etc., but not mention any particular makes, no manufacturers, no aviators, as we do not care to advertise anybody." He also advised the writer to buy Aircraft and Fly magazines, as well as "some practical book on flying machines and flying."

Roy Rockwood was a popular Syndicate house name and was used on Bomba the Jungle Boy, Dave Dashaway, The Great Marvel Series, The Speedwell Boys, and other publications.

All the stories are in the public domain and are available for free on Project Gutenberg and in low priced reprint editions available from

Publishers: 1913-1915 Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Illustrator: R. Blass (1-5)
Ghostwriter: Weldon J. Cobb (1-5)

Publishing Information
1) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Greenish tan cloth binding, black lettering; line pictorial front in brown & black.
Illustrations: (1-5) frontispiece on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper with color line pictorial artwork. Same for all books.
2) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Same as 1 except all lettering & artwork in black only.
Illustrations: Same as 1.
Dust Jacket: Same as 1.
3) Cupples & Leon (1-5)
Medium green, all lettering & artwork in black only.
Illustrations: Same as 1.
Dust Jacket: White coated paper with color pictorial artwork. Same for all books.

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01: Dave Dashaway, The Young Aviator - 1913
or, In the Clouds for Fame and Fortune
"This initial volume tells how the hero ran away from his miserly guardian, fell in with a succesful airman, and became a young aviator of note."

02: Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane - 1913
or, Daring Adventures Over the Great Lakes
"Showing how Dave continued his career as a birdman and had many adventures over the Great Lakes, and how he foiled the plans of some Canadian smugglers."

03: Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship - 1913
or, A Marvelous Trip Across the Atlantic
"How the giant airship was constructed and how the daring young aviator and his friends made the hazardous journey through the clouds from the new world to the old, is told in a way to hold the reader spellbound."

04: Dave Dashaway Around the World - 1913
or, A Young Yankee Aviator Among Many Nations
"An absorbing tale of a great air flight around the world, of adventures in Alaska, Siberia and elsewhere. A true to life picture of what may be accomplished in the near future."

05: Dave Dashaway, Air Champion - 1915
or, Wizard Work in the Clouds
"Dave makes several daring trips, and then enters a contest for a big prize. An aviation tale thrilling in the extreme."