The Buddy Series
by Howard Garis

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"The author presents a distinctly modern juvenile series of stories for boys. Here we observe a really fascinating character-study of an up-to-date young lad, whose exceedingly energetic mind, and whose overflowing youth and vitality, are constantly leading him into new and more tangled situations, from which by wit, courage and luck, he manages to extricate himself in safety. You will more than like Buddy with his carefree ways, his cheerful smile, his boundless enthusiasm, and his overflowing youth. Buddy is certain to linger in your memory long after you have finished these stories." -- Cupples & Leon advertisement

Published by Cupples & Leon from 1929 to 1947.
Illustrators: Russell H. Tandy (1-16); anon. (17-19); Dillon (20); K.S. Woerner (21)
Dust jacket and cover are the same for all books.
The Buddy series started out in a red cloth binding with a glossy frontispiece.
Later editions switched to a cheap red, then brown composition binding and a plain paper frontispiece.

Howard Roger Garis (Apr. 25, 1873 - Nov. 6, 1962) was an American author, best known for a series of books that featured Uncle Wiggily Longears, the elderly gentleman rabbit. He was the author of a of a score of series, both under his name and under pseudonyms for the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Garis was born in Binghamton, New York. He and his wife Lilian Garis worked as reporters for the Newark Evening News. He did some work for WNJR Newark.

01: Buddy on the Farm 1929
      or, a Boy and his Prize Pumpkin

02: Buddy in School 1929
      or, a Boy and his Dog

03: Buddy and his Winter Fun 1929
      or, a Boy in a Snow Camp

04: Buddy at Rainbow Lake 1930
      or, a Boy and his Boat

05: Buddy and his Chum 1930
      or, a Boy's Queer Search

06: Buddy at Pine Beach 1931
      or, a Boy on the Ocean

07: Buddy and his Flying Balloon 1931
      or, a Boy's Mysterious Airship
08: Buddy on Mystery Mountain 1932
      or, a Boy's Strange Discovery

09: Buddy on Floating Island 1933
      or, a Boy's Wonderful Secret

10: Buddy and the Secret Cave 1934
      or, a Boy and the Crystal Hermit

11: Buddy and his Cowboy Pal 1935
      or, a Boy on a Ranch

12: Buddy and the Indian Chief 1936
      or, a Boy among the Navajos

13: Buddy and the Arrow Club 1937
      or, a Boy and the Long Bow

14: Buddy at Lost River 1938
      or, a Boy and a Gold Mine
15: Buddy on the Trail 1939
      or, a Boy Among the Gypsies

16: Buddy in Deep Valley 1940
      or, a Boy on a Bee Farm

17: Buddy at Red Gate 1941
      or, a Boy on a Chicken Farm

18: Buddy in Dragon Swamp 1942
      or, a Boy on a Strange Hunt

19: Buddy's Victory Club 1943
      or, a Boy and a Salvage Campaign

20: Buddy and the G-Man Mystery 1944
      or, a Boy and a Strange Cipher

21: Buddy and his Fresh Air Camp 1947
      or, a Boy and the Unlucky Ones