The Bobby Blake Series
by Frank A. Warner

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Barse & Co Bobby Blake dustjacket

Barse & Co Bobby Blake

G&D Bobby Blake dustjacket

Whitman Bobby Blake dustjacket

Bobby Blake On A Plantation frontispiece Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the 12 volume Bobby Blake series by Frank A. Warner was originally published from 1915 to 1926 by Barse & Hopkins. The series was later reprinted by Barse & Co (1-12), Grosset & Dunlap (1-12), and Whitman (1,2).
"True stories of life at a modern American boarding school. Bobby attends this institution of learning with his particular chum and the boys have no end of good times. The tales of outdoor life, especially the exciting times when engaged in sports against rival schools, are written in a manner so true, so realistic, the the reader, too, is bound to share with these boys their thrills and pleasures." - Barse & Hopkins advertisment.
The Barse & Hopkins editions had a frontispiece and 3 other illustrations.
The Barse & Co. and G&D editions had the same illustrators but only a frontispiece.
The Whitman editions were not illustrated.

R. Emmett Owen (1-7)
Charles L. Wrenn (8)
E.J. Dinsmore (9)
Walter S. Rogers (10-11)
Oriet Williams (12)

Publishing Information
1. Barse & Hopkins (1-11): dark blue cloth binding, black lettering. DJ on white coated paper, same for every book.
2. Barse & Hopkins (12): same as 1 but light blue cloth binding.
3. Barse & Co.: same as 1 but medium blue cloth binding.
4. G&D: orange cloth binding, dark green lettering. DJ art by Howard L. Hastings.
5. Whitman: textured compostion binding in various colors.

Some of the titles are available on Project Gutenberg.

titles in the bobby blake series

Bobby Blake On The School Nine frontispiece

01: Bobby Blake At Rockledge School
or, Winning the Medal of Honor (1915)

02: Bobby Blake At Bass Cove
or, The Hunt for the Motor Boat Gem (1915)

03: Bobby Blake On A Cruise
or, The Castaways of Volcano Island (1915)

04: Bobby Blake And His School Chums
or, The Rivals of Rockledge (1916)
Bobby Blake tries to trace the owner of a lost pocketbook while training for the school football team.

05: Bobby Blake At Snowtop Camp
or, Winter Holidays in the Big Woods (1916)

06: Bobby Blake On The School Nine
or, The Champions of the Monatook Lake League (1917)

07: Bobby Blake On A Ranch
or, The Secret of the Mountain Cave (1918)

08: Bobby Blake On An Auto Tour
or, The Mystery of the Deserted House (1920)

09: Bobby Blake On The School Eleven
or, Winning the Banner of Blue and Gold (1921)

10: Bobby Blake On A Plantation
or, Lost in the Great Swamp (1922)

11: Bobby Blake In The Frozen North
or Old Eskimo's Last Message (1923)

12: Bobby Blake On Mystery Mountain
or The Treasure Chest of Black Rock (1926)