the blythe girls series
by Laura Lee Hope

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blythe girls

Created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the Blythe Girls series was published by Grosset and Dunlap from 1925 through 1932. Whitman later reprinted volumes 1 through 4.

Illustrator for the G&D books was Thelma Gooch.

Elizabeth M. Duffield Ward wrote the series under the popular Stratemeyer Syndicate house name of Laura Lee Hope. Ward also wrote volumes 7 through 23 of the Outdoor Girls series.

This series followed a pattern: first, a title about all three girls, followed by books centering on Margy, Rose and Helen, in that order, the cycle then repeated.

"These stories relate the experiences of the three Blythe girls who were left alone to make their way in the big city of New York. Every young girl with want to know how they succeeded." - G&D advertisment.

Plot descriptions taken from Grosset & Dunlap advertisements

01: Helen, Margy, and Rose - 1925
      or, Facing the Great World
The Blythe Girls. three in number, were left alone in New York City.Helen, who went in for art and music, kept the little flat uptown, while Margie, just out of business school, obtained a position as a private secretary and Rose, plain spoken and businesslike, took what she called a 'job' in a department store.

02: Margy's Queer Inheritance - 1925
      or, The Worth of a Name
The girls had a peculiar old aunt and when she died she left an unusual inheritance. The tale continues the struggles of all the girls for existence.

03: Rose's Great Problem - 1925
      or, Face to Face with a Crisis
Rose, still at work in the big department store, is on day faced with the greatest problem of her life. A tale of mystery as well as exciting girlish happenings.

04: Helen's Strange Boarder - 1925
      or, The Girl from Bronx Park
Helen, out sketching, goes to the assistance of a strange girl whose identity is a puzzle to all the Blythe girls. Who the girls really was comes as a tremendous surprise.

05: Three on a Vacation - 1925
      or, The Mystery at Peach Farm
The girls close their flat and go to the country for two weeks--and fall in with all sorts of curious and exciting happenings. How the came to the assistance of Joe Norris, and solved a queer mystery is well related.

06: Margy's Secret Mission - 1926
      or, Exciting Days at Shadymore
Of course we can not reveal the big secret, but nevertheless the girls as usual have meny adventures.

07: Rose's Odd Discovery - 1927
      or, The Search for Irene Conway
A very interesting story, telling how Rose aided an old man in the almost hopeless search for his daughter.

08: The Disappearance of Helen - 1928
      or, The Art Shop Mystery
Helen calls on the art dealer on business and finds the fellow has made a wonderful discovery.

09: Snowbound in Camp - 1929
      or, The Mystery at Elk Lodge
An absorbing tale of winter happenings, full of excitment.

10: Margy's Mysterious Visitor - 1930
      or, Guarding the Pepper Fortune

11: Rose's Hidden Talent - 1931
      Issued Without A Subtitle

12: Helen's Wonderful Mistake - 1932
      or, The Mysterious Necklace
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Cover Scans Courtesy of the Collection of Mark Snyder - Thank You! :)