the baseball joe series
by Lester Chadwick

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Ever since the success of Mr. Chadwick's "College Sports Series" we have urged him to write a series dealing exclusively with baseball, a subject in which he is unexcelled by any living American author or coach. In this series, Baseball Joe, as he is called by his admirers, advances, step by step, from playing on a country town team until he becomes the leading pitcher of the Big League. --- Cupples & Leon advertisment.

Baseball Joe Baseball Joe Baseball Joe is a 14 volume series from the Stratemeyer Syndicate about the on and off the field adventures of young ballplayer Joe Matson and his remarkable rise from sandlot ball to the major leagues.

Many Baseball Joe stories are available to read or download for free on Project Gutenberg.

Authors: Howard Garis (1-5); John Duffield (6-14)
Outlines: Edward Stratemeyer (Stratemeyer Syndicate)
Illustrators: Walter S. Rogers (1-5); R. Emmet Owen (7,8); Thelma Gooch (9-14); Unknown (6)
Publisher: Cupples & Leon (1912 to 1928)
Publishing Information
Style 1 (Vols. 1-10):
Deep crimson - maroon cloth binding; illustrated cover. Same for entire series
Illustrations: Frontispiece and 3 internals on glossy paper.
Dustjacket: White coated paper.
Style 2 (all):
Grey cloth binding; illustrated cover. Same for entire series
Illustrations: Frontispiece and 3 internals on glossy paper.
Dustjacket: White coated paper.
Style 3 (all):
Grey cloth cloth binding; illustrated cover. Same for entire series
Illustrations: Frontispiece on glossy paper.
Dustjacket: White coated paper.

Source of descriptions: Cupples & Leon advertisements except volume 14.

In the mid-30's, Cupples & Leon released a 4-in-1 book, Mystery and Adventure Stories for Boys, containing the first story of this series along with Billy Smith - Exploring Ace, The Boy Ranchers & Through The Air To The North Pole.

Baseball Joe
1st Style
Baseball Joe
2nd Style
Baseball Joe
3rd Style
Baseball Joe
Later Common DJ

1: Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars - 1912
     or, The Rivals of Riverside - Read It Here
     In this volume, first of the series, Joe is introduced as an everyday country boy who loves to play baseball and is particularly anxious to make his mark as a pitcher. He finds it almost impossible to get on the local nine, but, after a struggle, he succeeds, although much frowned on by the star pitcher of the club. Some exciting contests follow, and also a number of other adventures, dear to the heart of all young readers. In the end Joe goes in the "box" as the regular pitcher, however, and helps to win a most exciting contest. A splendid picture of the great national game in the smaller towns of out country, showing how dear it is to all who have good, red blood in their veins.

2: Baseball Joe on the School Nine - 1912
     or, Pitching for the Blue Banner
     Joe's great ambition was to go to boarding school and play on the school team. He got to the boarding school but found it harder making the team there than it was getting on the nine at home. He fought his way along, however, and at last saw his chance and took it, and made good. Once he pitched against his old rival from home in an exciting contest. A really remarkable account of how Joe and his companions worked to win the Blue Banner of the Interscholastic League, and a true-to-life story of athletics in a preparatory school.

3: Baseball Joe at Yale - 1913
     or, Pitching for the College Championship
     From a preparatory school Baseball Joe goes to Yale University. He makes the freshman nine and in his second year becomes a varsity pitcher and pitches in several big games.

4: Baseball Joe in the Central League - 1914
     or, Making Good as a Professional Pitcher
     In this volume the scene of action is shifted from Yale College to a baseball league of our central states. Baseball Joe's work in the box for old Eli had been noted by one of the managers and Joe gets an offer he cannot resist. Joe accepts the offer and makes good.

5: Baseball Joe in the Big League - 1915
     or, A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles
     From the Central League Joe is drafted into the St. Louis Nationals. At first he has little to do in the pitcher's box, but gradually he wins favor. A corking baseball story that fans, both young and old, will enjoy.

6: Baseball Joe on the Giants - 1916
     or, Making Good as a Ball Twirler in the Metropolis
     How Joe was traded to the Giants and became their mainstay in the box makes an interesting baseball story.

7: Baseball Joe in the World Series - 1917
     or, Pitching for the Championship
     The rivalry was of course of the keenest, and what Joe did to win the series is told in a manner to thrill the most jaded reader.

8: Baseball Joe Around the World - 1918
     or, Pitching on a Grand Tour
     The Giants and the All-Americans tour the world, playing in many foreign countries.

9: Baseball Joe, Home Run King - 1922
     or, The Greatest Pitcher and Batter on Record
      Joe becomes the greatest batter in the game.

10: Baseball Joe Saving the League - 1923
      or, Breaking Up a Great Conspiracy
      Throwing the game meant a fortune but also dishonor and it was a great honor to defeat it.

11: Baseball Joe, Captain of the Team - 1924
      or, Bitter Struggles on the Diamond
      Joe is elevated to the captain of the team.

12: Baseball Joe, Champion of the League - 1925
      or, The Record that was Worth While
      A plot is hatched to put Joe's piching arm out of commission.

13: Baseball Joe, Club Owner - 1926
      or, Putting the Home Town on the Map
      Joe developes (sic) muscle weakness and is ordered off the field for a year.

14: Baseball Joe, Pitching Wizard - 1928
      or, Triumphs Off and On the Diamond
      Baseball Joe overcomes the evil machinations of his old enemy, the vicious Moe Russnak, an "unscrupulous Jew", to lead the Giants to a three-game sweep of the Chicago nine in the season's climactic series, which features two no-hitters by Joe, the second of them being a 27-strikeout perfect game.
Special thanks to James Keeline for his assistance.