The Andy Lane Flying Series
(In The Air With Andy Lane)
Eustace L. Adams

Andy Lane Whitman Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Whitman Dust-Jacket

The Andy Lane series of aerial adventures starts with "Fifteen Days in the Air", in which Andy's father's invention of a new carburetor allows flights of unprecedented duration. In "Over the Polar Ice" and "Racing Around the World", the same invention makes further feats possible. "The Runaway Airship" – despite its title, heavier-than-air planes are involved – and "Pirates of the Air" feature mid-Atlantic floating landing platforms, not unlike 1934's "Tom Swift And His Ocean Airport." "On the Wings of Flame" describes the successful development of a rocket-driven plane. "The Plane Without a Pilot" describes an advanced autopilot. An early version of the "flying wing" takes Andy and his friends to South Africa in "Wings of Adventure." Andy and company fly through the Arctic wastes to the North Pole in "Across the Top of the World". Set in Central America, the final story, "Prisoners of the Clouds", features an all-metal dirigible.

Eustace L. Adams (July 12, 1891 - March 1, 1963) editor, screenwriter and author, graduated from New York's St. Lawrence University in 1915 and served in the American Ambulance Service and US Naval Service during World War One. In the 1930s he was a prolific contributor of aviation-linked tales to magazines like Argosy and aerial adventure books for the juvenile market, In The Air With Andy Lane and volumes five, six and seven in the Air Combat series.

Four movies were made from his writings. He wrote the screen play for the film "Under Secret Orders", released in 1933. His short story "Sixteen Fathoms Under" was made into the movies "Sixteen Fathoms Deep" in 1934 and into "16 Fathoms Deep" in 1948. His novella "Loot Below", first serialized in Argosy Weekly from December 11, 1937 to January 1, 1938, was made into the movie "Desperate Cargo" in 1941.

Initally published by Grosset & Dunlap in a light blue cloth binding with orange lettering on the front, it was later changed to a light green composition binding with maroon lettering on the front. Volumes 1 & 2 were later reprinted by Whitman as part of their 2300 series with new dust-jacket art.

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Air Combat Series Books by Eustace L. Adams

Andy Lane Spine Logo "Mr. Adams, the author of this flying series for boys is an experienced aviator and has had many thrilling adventures in the air -- both as a member of the famous Lafayette Escadrille in the World War and in the United States Naval Aviation Service flying with squadrons patrolling the Atlantic Coast. His stories reveal not only his ability to tell daring and exciting air episodes but also his first hand knowledge of modern aeroplanes and the marvelous technical improvements which have been made in the past few years. Andy Lane flies the latest and most highly developed machines in the field of aviation." - Grosset & Dunlap advertisement

Artists (G&D): 1-3 P.S. (unknown artist's initials); 4-12 Seymour Ball


Andy Lane Fifteen Days in the Air Dust-Jacket

1: Fifteen Days in the Air - 1928
Andy refuels his ship in the air and sets a new endurance record.

Fellows, this is Andy Lane, hero of this new flying series. Andy is a typical American boy, just like any of the rest of us--daring, full of life and with a lively, irrepressible sense of humor.

Filled with a desire to follow in the footsteps of American air heroes in blazing new trails through the skies, Andy learns to fly and soom his skill attracts nationwide attention. With the backing of the Apex Aircraft Company Andy takes off with his companions, Joe Lamson and Sam Allen (not forgetting Scottie, the pup) in a giant tri-motored ship to demonstrate the refueling of a plane in the air. For fifteen days the great aircraft remains aloft, fighting southern tornadoes and modern fogs, with another plane coming up periodically to drop fuel in her tanks through a long hose. Herbert Brewster, Andy's enemy, does everything in his power to bring disaster to our hero and his crew, but Andy fights through it all and comes to earth with a new world's record.

Andy Lane Over the Polar Ice Dust-Jacket

2: Over the Polar Ice - 1928
In a giant flying boat Andy beats his enemy in a dash to the South Pole.

Andy plans a flight across the South Pole in a great flying boat and secures the cooperation of the Apex Company and Superior Oil Company. Brewster, the villian of Fifteen Days in the Air, has formed his own company and announces a similar flight in a new tri-motored biplane. He steals a march on Andy by shipping his plane by steamer to Cape Armitage on the Ross Sea. But the resourceful Andy, after an uncanny number of mishaps, makes the long flight in three jumps. Hearing Brewster has started for the Pole, they set out and find the villian's plane wrecked on the ice packs. They land to rescue the other party, but Brewster and his crew try to overpower the Apex flyers and steal their plane. There is a fight, and the Brewster crowd are made prisoner on the giant Apex. The ship takes off and, battling through a raging blizzard, flies over the Pole and back to the Bay of Whales. There the villiany of Brewster is radioed to the world and Andy flies back to a monster welcome in New York.

Andy Lane Racing Round the World Dust-Jacket

3: Racing Round the World - 1928
In a series of thrilling flights Andy wins an air dash around the globe to win a $100,000 prize.

A wealthy sportsman offered a prize of $100,000 for a go-as-you-please race around the world, starting from some point within 20 miles of New York City. There are twelve entries, including many famous fliers from foreign countries. Andy Lane, along with Joe, Sam, Dick and Scotty, the collie pup, enter their South Pole flying boat. Brewster, the villian of former stories, is also one of the contestants.

Through the trickery of Brewster, the Apex is delayed a day in starting. One of the motors has been tampered with and the great ship barely makes the Mississippi, where a new engine is installed. But Andy makes up the time and races across the Pacific on the heels of his rivals. He receives an SOS from a burning yacht near the Philippines, and in going to their rescue apparently loses all chance of winning. Then follows the exciting dash through a monsoon across Africa, the final hop over the Atlantic and the thrilling finish with the fast Brewster plane streaking behind them toward New York and glory.

Andy Lane The Runaway Airship Dust-Jacket

4: The Runaway Airship - 1929
In a flight through foggy skies Andy Lane brings back the world's greatest passenger carrying dirigible, blown away on the wings of a storm.

The world's greatest passenger carrying dirigible is blown away on the wings to a storm, carrying with her five million dollars in gold and three pirates who have stowed away in her envelope. More than a million dollars is offered for her recovery.

Andy Lane and his daring crew take off in a brand new "Apex," an amphibian which can land on ground or water. They begin one of the most thrilling flights they have yet undertaken. They fly through a terrible storm and find the dirigible near the Norwegian coast. How they are able to board the drifting airship, how they are captured by Andy's old enemy, Brewster, and how they fly the airship through foggy skies makes a story that will hold every boy spellbound to the very last page.

Andy Lane Pirates of the Air Dust-Jacket

5: Pirates of the Air - 1929
Andy Lane pilots the giant passenger plane Apex No. 4 across the Atlantic in the face of almost overwhelming odds.

Andy Lane, pilot and leader of a daring crew whose exploits and adventures in the air had made him one of the most famous of young aviators, is engaged to fly the giant passenger plane, the "Apex No. 4" across the Atlantic on its first flight.

Backed by a group of rich men, equipped with the latest improvements in aeroplane building, this greatest and most luxurious of flying ships, carrying 50 passengers, starts on its trip under a menacing warning from a gang calling themselves "Pirates of the Air," who are rivals of Andy Lane in his famous flights.

How Andy and his crew thwart the plot to capture the ship when it lands at a lonely refueling station secretly planted in mid-ocean, a death to death battle at night over the ocean, the successful manoeuvering of the ship, through a storm; all accomplished while the passengers are kept in ignorance of the terrible danger, provides one of the most thrilling stories of aeroplane flights ever told.

Andy Lane On the Wings of Flame Dust-Jacket

6: On the Wings of Flame - 1929
In a huge rocket plane, while speeding along at 400 MPH, Andy forced to land in the South American jungle in the dead of night and has thrilling experiences with the natives.

Andy Lane and his daring crew take off from Mineola in a huge rocket plane, bound for Paris. Speeding along at 400 miles per hour, at an altitude of nearly 10 miles, their rudder jams. Andy's old enemy, Brewster, has attempted to cause their plane to crash.

Without the use of their rudder, the hurtling ship speeds in a tremendous circle over the Atlantic, heading ever to the southward. At their tremendous altitude, the oxygen machine breaks and they fall nearly seven miles before Andy is able to right the dropping plane.

In the dead of night they make a landing in the South American jungle. How the faithful mascot, Scotty, warns them of an attack by the native; how they conquer the natives and make them give assistance; how they get in touch with the outside world; how Brewster, racing with an "Apex" plane to the scene, nearly causes them disaster and how they bring about his downfall makes a story that no red-blooded boy will wish to put down until the very last word.

Andy Lane The Mysterious Monoplane Dust-Jacket

7: The Mysterious Monoplane - 1930
Andy Lane solves the mystery of the disappearance of the London-bound Mammoth Passenger Flying Boat.

A mammoth flying boat of the Apex Airline mysteriously disappears on its regular passenger flight from New York to London. Andy Lane, flying another Apex ship, discovers it floating upon the Atlantic. Its passengers, crew and cargo are missing.

Andy and his daring crew fly the next London-bound plane. They sight a strange airplane and fly through a mysterious yellow vapor and later find themselves floating upon the surface, brought down by the enemy, Brewster, who has looted their plane and disappeared. After days and nights of danger and hardship they reach port.

Andy designs an appartus which will permit the dropping of a fighting plane from a dirigible. He enlists the aid of the great airship Britain and goes after his enemy. How he battles with Brewster in the sky; how he evades the mysterious forces which brought him down on his previous flight; how he rescues the passengers of the missing steamships and how Sonny, Sam, Joe, Dick and the faithful pup, Scotty, all did their part in bringing about Brewster's downfall make one of the most thrilling books in the entire Andy Lane series.

Andy Lane The Flying Windmill Dust-Jacket

8: The Flying Windmill - 1930
Andy Lane and his restless crew take off in a monster autogyro in search of pirate treasure.

Andy Lane, the famous young flyer, and his restless crew of air adventurers take off in a monster autogyro, the Flying Windmill, in search of pirate treasure buried on a tiny island in the Spanish Main. A mysterious airplane beats them to the island. A terrific West Indian hurricane sweeps over the island while they are digging for the treasure chest.

How Sonny Collins saved them from the enemy; how Sam Allen, Joe Lamson and the fighting pup, Scotty, each played and amazing part in the adventure; how the autogyro, torn from her moorings by the tempest, battled through the storm-torn skies; and how Andy and his crew recaptured their ship in a hand-to-hand fight, all combine to make this one of the most thrilling and unusual stroies in the ever-popular Andy Lane series.

Andy Lane The Plane Without a Pilot Dust-Jacket

9: The Plane Without a Pilot - 1930
Adventures in a new Apex Plane driven by "Iron Mike".

In this new story Andy Lane and his gallant crew of air adventurers begin a long test flight in an amazing new Apex plane. Driven by the newest type of Diesel engine and steered by Iron Mike, a gyroscopic control, this great air yacht is able to steer herself through the skies with no human hands on the controls.

The daring young flyers continue their long test flight through Central America, across jungles and mountain ranges, refueling in the air so they don't have to land; down the coast line of the Pacific, there to witness the eruption of the great volcano, Santa Maria. How Andy risks his ship and the lives of the crew to save some villagers from the wrath of the volcano; how the Apex flies in the shadow of the burning cloud; and how they land and take off on their rescue flights against almost impossible handicaps--all these blend themselves into a stirring story which no red-blooded American boy will put down until he has read the very last page.

Andy Lane Wings of Adventure -Dust-Jacket

10: Wings of Adventure - 1931
Amazing adventures in the heart of Africa, the mysterious continent.

Andy Lane and his daring comrades of the air take off in a giant new "Flying Wing," heading by way of Bermuda and the Azores Islands for amazing adventures in the heart of Africa, the mysterious continent. Scotty, the flying mascot, goes too but his life is complicated by the presence of an assistant mascot whom Sam Allen calls Clarence while the rest of the crew call him Jinx.

Just before arriving at the Azores, the Apex is attacked by a strange seaplane. The boys fight their way through storms, become lost in sandstorms and finally, in the wild-animal country of Equatorial Africa, have an astonishing meeting with their old enemy, Herbert Brewster, who is racing with them to be the first at Cape Town, on the southernmost tip of the continent.

Andy Lane and his companions will make thousands of new friends among the boys who read this book, one of the most thrilling of the entire series of air-adventure stories.

Andy Lane Across the Top of the World Dust-Jacket

11: Across the Top of the World - 1931
Andy delivers a plane to the Chinese government after a terrifying trip over the North Pole.

In this new story of Andy Lane and his daring comrades, the Apex Company builds a large, new type amphibian plane and sells it to the Chinese government, with a provisional order of ten more if the first is delivered safely.

Andy like Lindbergh figures the shortest route to China is the great circle route, which lead directly across the top of the world, near the North Pole, then down across Siberia to China, and, following Lindbergh's plan he allows a margin of safety by deviating by way of Spitzenberg and Greenland.

How Andy and his friends start their journey across Canada to Greenland, where in a blizzard over 10,000 foot glaciers his ship catches fire from a time bomb plave before leaving by revolutionary spies; how a forced landing atop an ice field is made, and the party is snowed in for weeks abd how, upon escape, they are attacked by bandit planes makes a story of courage and daring that has seldom been equalled. Here is Andy Lane at his best.

Andy Lane Prisoners of the Clouds Dust-Jacket

12: Prisoners of the Clouds - 1932
Andy's blimp breaks loose in a storm and his crew is tossed wildly about over Central America.

Down the Atlantic coast to Florida, across the Gulf of Mexico and over the jungles of Central America to Panama--this is Andy's route in his new all metal dirigible.

Over Florida Sonny Collins picks up the announcement that the wealthy Mr. Curtis, his daughter Sally and his son Bob are lost in the jungles of Yucatan. As a storm is about to break the party is sighted on the shore of a lake, held there under strange and mysterious circumstances. How Andy, Sally and Sonny in the course of the rescue, are left in the blimp which is tossed about helplessly with its propellors broken make a story packed with adventure and excitement. "Prisoners of the Clouds" is one of the best of the modern, up-to-date and thrilling Andy Lane Stories.

 Special thanks to Cary Sternick