The Adventure Boys Series
(aka The Jewel Series)
by Ames Thompson

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"A series of stories brimming with hardy adventure, vivid and accurate in detail, and with a good foundation of probability. They take the reader realistically to the scene of the action. Besides being lively and full of real situations, they are written in a straightforward way very attractive to boy readers." -- Cupples and Leon advertisement

The Adventure Boys And The Island Of Sapphires DJ This series of five adventure books which has the heroes traipsing the globe in the quest for rare jewels was authored by Josephine Chase. In 1935 Cupples & Leon reprinted the first four stories complete with frontispieces in their "Strange Adventure Stories for Boys" omnibus.

Adventure Boys Omnibus Edition Adventure Boys Omnibus Edition DJ

Publishers: 1927-1935 Cupples & Leon

Illustrators: Ernest Townshend (1-4); Russell Tandy (5)

Publishing Information

1) Cupples & Leon (1-5) 1927-1929
Grayish green (or greenish gray) cloth binding, illustrated cover in dark blue. Same for all editions
Illustrations: Frontispiece on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: Full color on white coated paper. Same for all books.

2) Cupples & Leon 4 in 1 1935
Red cloth binding, black lettering.
Illustrations: 4 on coated paper.
Dust Jacket: Two color on white coated paper.

The Adventure Boys And The Lagoon Of Pearls
01: The Adventure Boys And The Valley Of Diamonds - 1927
"Malcolm Edwards and his son Ralph are adventurers with ample means for following up their interest in jewel clues. In this book they form a party of five, including Jimmy Stone and Bret Hartson, boys of Ralph's age, and a shrewd level-headed sailor named Stanley Greene, They find a valley of diamonds in the heart of Africa."

02: The Adventure Boys Boys And The River Of Emeralds - 1927
"The five adventurers, staying at a hotel in San Francisco, find that Pedro the elevator man has an interesting story of a hidden "river of emeralds" in Peru, to tell. With him as guide, they set out to find it, escape various traps set for them by jealous Peruvians, and are much amused by Pedro all through the experience."

03: The Adventure Boys And The Lagoon Of Pearls - 1927
"This time the group starts out on a cruise simply for pleasure, but their adventuresome spirits lead them into the thick of things on a South Sea cannibal island"

04: The Adventure Boys And The Temple Of Rubies - 1928

05: The Adventure Boys And The Island Of Sapphires - 1929