The Tod Moran Series
by Howard Pease

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Tod Moran was a long running series of the nautical adventures of Joseph Todhunter ("Tod") Moran penned by Howard Pease (Sept 6, 1894 - April 14, 1974).

Doubleday, Page & Co. (1,2)
Doubleday, Doran & Co. (3-10)
Nelson Co. (All)
Doubleday & Co. (All)

The books were issued in a variety of formats, hardcover with DJ, picture cover, and paperback.
The earlier editions have multiple DJ styles.
This series was also published by foreign companys.

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01: The Tattooed Man - 1926
A fantastic cook adds to the excitement of mess boy Tod Moran's trip on the freighter "Araby" from San Francisco to the Mediterranean.

02: The Jinx Ship - 1927
The tramp steamer Congo lives up to her sinister reputation when Tod Moran defies sailor superstition to ship as a wiper.

03: Shanghai Passage - 1929
Mutiny, mystery, and revolution on a tramp steamer bound for the China coast.

04: The Ship Without a Crew - 1934
There's mystery in the South Pacific when an abandoned ship found drifting.

05: Wind in the Rigging - 1935
The voyage of Tod Moran on the tramp steamer "Sumatra" New York to North Africa.

06: Hurricane Weather - 1936
Tod Moran goes on a sailing vacation in the South Pacific, semi-sequel to The Ship Without a Crew

07: Foghorns - 1937
A mystery set on the docks and waterfront streets of San Francisco.

08: Highroad to Adventure - 1939
Tod is off to Mexico on a secret mission, dogged by spies determined to keep him from reaching the goal.

09: The Black Tanker - 1941
A tanker carrying fuel to the same Japanese air base in China from which vicious bombing raids are launched; soon a murder mystery mixes with the difficult passage and intense political feelings.

10: Night Boat - 1942
A collection of Tod Moran short stories originally published in magazines.

11: Heart of Danger - 1946
Tod Moran's adventures in Nazi occupied France.

12: Captain of the Araby - 1953
Tod Moran voyages to Tahiti and gets involved in exotic mysteries, begining with: Why have all three aboardship copies of Somerset Maugham's life of Gaugain, The Moon and Sixpence, disappeared?.

13: Mystery on Telegraph Hill - 1961
A mystery set on the foggy hills of San Francisco.