The Ted Wilford Series
by Norvin Pallas

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When the series starts, Ted is a high school student in the small rural midwestern town of Forestdale working part-time on the local paper, The Town Crier. Ted ages as the series progresses and goes to college, all the time staying a part-time reporter and solving mysteries

Author: Norvin Pallas (1918-1983)

Publishers: Ives Washburn Inc.
Starting in 2016, some titles are being reprinted by Wildside Press.

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01: The Secret of Thunder Mountain (1951)
An old recluse dies and leave behinds a coded clue to the whereabouts of his gold mine. Ted and his pal Nelson get involved with the mystery.

02: The Locked Safe Mystery (1954)
A mystery involving the theft of $13,000 from Ted's high school safe, which only three people knew the combination of.

03: The Star Reporter Mystery (1955)
Ace reporter Barry Knight disappears and it's up to Ted and brother Ronald to find him.

04: The Singing Trees Mystery (1956)
Ted and Nelson are camp counselors and someone is trying to force the camp to sell its land for the sake of a newly discovered copper mine.

05: The Empty House Mystery (1957)
Some blueprints for a new highway have been stolen and then lost by the thief. It's up to Ted to find the plans and who pilfered them.

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06: The Counterfeit Mystery (1958)
Ted is involved with a mystery involving counterfeit trading stamps.

07: The Stolen Plans Mystery (1959)
Petty thievery is repeatedly taking place in stores in the two weeks prior to Christmas and a part-time Town Crier employee suddenly then behaves oddly, then his family disappears. Can Ted solve both mysteries?

08: The Scarecrow Mystery (1960)
Can Ted solve the mystery involving a car run off the road with a missing canister with microfilm in it?

09: The Big Cat Mystery (1961)
A leopard is reported running loose in the woods by a crazy old geezer. Ted and Nelson are sent to investigate and find an increasingly puzzling mystery.

10: The Missing Witness Mystery (1962)
A bank teller on vacation is sought for questioning in an embezzlement. It's up to Ted to find him and solve the mystery.

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11: The Baseball Mystery (1963)
A statewide amateur baseball tournament comes to Forestdale and soon a mystery devlopes.

12: The Mystery of Rainbow Gulch (1964)
A mysterious fatal plane crash, a foundling, a hermit, curious footprints, a cipher, and more all add up to a mystery for Ted to solve.

13: The Abandoned Mine Mystery (1965)
A coal mine explosion causes a crisis in the company town where it's located. A tip leads Ted to investigate it.

14: The S. S. Shamrock Mystery (1966)
Strange things are happening on an Mrs. Dundee's ore boat and Ted investigates.

15: The Greenhouse Mystery (1967)
The disappearance of a package containing rare plant cuttings leads to a series of mysterious events which Ted must solve.

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