the stratemeyer syndicate

The Stratemeyer Syndicate was created by Edward Stratemeyer in the early years of this century (c. 1902 - no one is quite sure.) After Edward died (5/10/1930), his daughters, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams and Edna Stratemeyer, took over the business. Edna married and became an inactive partner in 1942. In the late 1980's, the Syndicate was sold to Simon & Schuster.
List of Known Syndicate Authors

Stratemeyer Syndicate Pseudonym/Series List

An * denotes a series not produced directly by the Syndicate.

Abbott, Manager Henry (1895-1896)
Brave and Bold *
Adams, Harrison (1912-1928)
Pioneer Boys (AKA Young Pioneers)
Alger Jr, Horatio (1901-1919)
Alger Series *Rise in Life (Stratemeyer finished eleven books, #'s 87 to 97)
Allen, Captain Quincy (1911-1916)
Outdoor Chums
Alyer, Philip A. (1895-1896)
Magazines only
Appleton, Victor (1910-1941) (1981-1993)
Tom Swift (3 different series)
Motion Picture Chums
Moving Picture Boys
Movie Boys
Don Sturdy
Appleton, Victor II (1954-1971)
Tom Swift Jr.
Barnes, Elmer Tracey (1917)
Motion Picture Comrades
Barnum Jr, P. T. (1895)
Magazines only
Barnum, Richard (1915-1922)
Kneetime Animal Stories
Barnum, Theodore (1869)
Magazines only
Barnum, Vance (1916-1921)
Frank and Andy
Joe Strong
Bartlett, Philip A. (1929-1934)
Roy Stover
Barton, May Hollis (1926-1937)
Barton Books For Girls
Beach, Charles Amory (1918-1920)
Air Service Boys
Bell, Emerson (1893-1906)
Brave and Bold
Bonehill, Captain Ralph (1895-1912)
Bound To Win
Boy Hunters
Boys Library *
Boys Own Library *
Boys Prize Library *
Enterprise *
Famous Books For Boys *
Flag And Frontier
Flag Of Freedom
Land And Sea
Mexican War
Popular Authors *
Round The World Library *
Young Hunters
Young Sportsman's
Zero Club
also single books and magazine features
Bowie, Jim (1892-1893)
New York Five Cent Library *
Carr, Annie Roe (1916-1937)
Nan Sherwood
Carson, Captain James (1913-1915)
Saddle Boys
Carter, Nick (1892-1927)
Magnet Library *
New Magnet Library *
Nick Carter Library *
Nick Carter Weekly *
Chadwick, Lester (1910-1928)
Baseball Joe
College Sports
Chapman, Allen (1896-1933)
Allen Chapman Series
Boys of Business
Boys of Pluck
Boy's Pocket Library
Darwell Chums
Fred Fenton Athletic Series
Radio Boys
Railroad (Ralph of the Railroad)
Tom Fairfield
Charles, Louis (1896-1900)
Magazine Only
Cooper, James A. (1917-1933)
Heroine *
Several stand alone books
Cooper, John R. (1947-1953)
Mel Martin Baseball Stories
Daly, Jim (1892-1893) misspelled Daley in the 3/18/1893 of NY 5 Cent Library
New York Five Cent Library *
Davenport, Spencer (1916-1918)
Rushton Boys
Dawson, Elmer A. (1926-1932)
Buck and Larry Baseball Stories
Garry Grayson Football Stories
Dixon, Franklin W. (1927-date)
Hardy Boys
Ted Scott Flying Series
Duncan, Julia K. (1931-1932)
Doris Force
Edison, Theodore (1895)
Magazine Only
Edwards, Julia (1890-1932)
Clover Series *
Eagle Library/Eagle Series/New Eagle Series *
Favorite Library *
Emerson, Alice B. (1913-1934)
Betty Gordon
Ruth Fielding
Endicott, Ruth Belmore (1918-1920)
Ferris, James Cody (1926-1942)
X Bar X Boys (X-X Boys)
Forbes, Graham B. (1912-1927)
Boys of Columbia High
Frank Allen Series
Ford, Albert Lee (1895-1896)
Magazines only
Gordon, Frederick (1912-1917)
Fairview Boys
Up and Doing
Hamilton, Ralph (1890-1904)
Magazine only
Hamilton, Robert W. (1917-1918)
One book: "Belinda of the Red Cross"
Hardy, Alice Dale (1924-1929)
Riddle Club
Harkaway, Hal (1900-1901)
Magazine only
Harrington, Ralph (1896-1899)
Magazines and as 2 reprints
Hawley, Mabel C. (1920-1930)
Four Little Blossoms
Henderley, Brooks (1916-1917)
Y.M.C.A. Boys
Henty, D. T. (1896-1901)
Magazine only
Hicks, Harvey (1894-1895)
Magazine only
Hill, Grace Brooks (1915-1926)
Corner House Girls
Holmes, Thomas K. (1919-1923)
Two books: "The Heart of Canyon Pass" & "The Man from Tall Timber"
Hope, Laura Lee (1904-date)
Blythe Girls
Bobbsey Twins
Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue
Make-Believe Stories
Moving Picture Girls
Outdoor Girls
Six Little Bunkers
Hunt, Francis (1935-1937)
Mary and Jerry Mystery Stories
James, Captain Lew (1892-1893)
Log Cabin Library *
Judd, Frances K. (1934-1980)
Kay Tracey Mystery Stories
Keene, Carolyn (1930-date)
Dana Girls
Nancy Drew
Lancer, Jack (1967-1969)
Christopher Cool/Teen Agent
Locke, Clinton W. (1931-1934)
Perry Pierce Mystery Stories
Long, Helen Beecher (1914-1919)
Do Something (Janice Day)
Mackenzie, Dr Willard (1903-1904)
Magazine only
Marlowe, Amy Bell (1914-1933)
Amy Bell Marlowe's Books for Girls
Martin, Eugene (1931-1933)
Sky Flyers (Randy Starr)
Moore, Fenworth (1931-1937)
Jerry Ford Wonder Stories
Morrison, Gertrude W. (1914-1919)
Girls of Central High
Optic, Oliver (1899)
An Undivided Union *
(Finished book for W.T. Adams (Oliver Optic) after his death)
Pad, Peter (1893)
New York Five Cent Library *
Penrose, Margaret (1908-1930)
Campfire Girls
Dorothy Dale
Motor Girls
Radio Girls
Peter (1895-1896)
Magazine Only
Ridley Jr, Nat (1926-1927)
Nat Ridley Rapid Fire Detective Stories
Rockwood, Roy (1895-1978)
Bomba The Jungle Boy
Dave Dashaway
Dave Fearless
Deep Sea
Great Marvel
Half-Dime Library *
Sea Treasure
Speedwell Boy
Roe, Harry Mason (1929-1930)
Lanky Lawson
St. Meyer, Ned (1890-1903)
Nugget Library *
Scott, Dan (1960-1964)
Bret King Mystery Stories
Sharpe, Walden F. (1895)
Magazine only
Sheldon, Ann (1962-1981)
Linda Craig
Speed, Eric (1975-1978)
Wynn and Lonny
Sperry, Raymond
Larry Dexter (The Young Reporter)
The work of Howard Garis, there is confusion as to whether this should be considered a Syndicate Series.
Sperry Jr, Raymond (1915-1916)
White Ribbon Boys
Steele, Chester K. (1911-1930)
Detective Library * (Adult book)
Stokes, Roy Eliot (1914-1918)
Stone, Alan (1967)
Tolliver Adventure Series
Stone, Raymond (1912-1917)
Tommy Tiptop
Stone, Richard H. (1930-1936)
Slim Tyler Air Stories
Strayer, E. Ward (1918)
"Making Good with Margaret"
Thorndyke, Helen Louise (1923-1963)
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunch and Norman
Todd, Burbank L. (1914-1920)
Back to the Soil (Hiram)
Ward, Ed (1895)
Magazine only
Ward, Tom (1892)
New York Five Cent Library *
Warner, Frank A. (1915-1926)
Bob Chase Big Game
Bobby Blake
Webster, Frank V. (1909-1938)
The Webster Series
West, Jerry (1953-1979)
Happy Hollisters
Wheeler, Janet D. (1920-1932)
Billie Bradley
White, Ramy Allison (1920-1931)
Sunny Boy
Winfield, Arthur M. (1892-1926)
Bound to Win
Boy's Liberty *
Boys' own Library *
Bright and Bold
Enterprise Books
Famous Books for Boys
Medal Library
Putnam Hall
Rover Boys
Silver Lake
Winfield, Edna (1892)
Eagle Library *
Edna Winfield
Holly Library
Woods, Nat (1982)
New York Five Cent Library *
Young, Captain, Of Yale (1895)
Magazine only
Young, Clarence (1895-1924)
Jack Ranger
Motor Boys
Racer Boys
Zimmy (1893)
New York Five Cent Library *

Syndicate Authors

The following are known authors that wrote for the syndicate and the series they worked on.
Other authors names have been lost but it is hoped that the Stratemeyer documents now being organized by the NY Public Libary will reveal more information.
An * denotes a Syndicate partner.

Adams, Harriet *
Barton books for Girls
Bobbsey Twins
Dana Girls
Hardy Boys
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunch and Norman
Linda Craig
Nancy Drew
Tom Swift
Tom Swift Jr.
Almquist, John
Tom Swift Jr.
Hardy Boys
Axelrad, Nancy *
Bobbsey Twins
Buechler, James
Hardy Boys
Button, John
Hardy Boys
Cohen, Richard
Hardy Boys
Dougherty, William
Hardy Boys
Tom Swift Jr.
Foster, W. Bert
Betty Gordon
Ruth Fielding
Garis, Howard
Baseball Joe
Bunny Brown And His Sister Sue
Great Marvel
Motor Boys
Six Little Bunkers
Tom Swift
Garis, Lillian
Bobbsey Twins
Motor Girls
Outdoor Girls
Garis, Roger
X Bar X Boys
Goulart, Ron
Hardy Boys Casefiles
Halstead, William
Hardy Boys
Karig, Walter
Doris Force
X Bar X Boys
Lawrence, D. L. (Jim)
Tom Swift Jr.
Hardy Boys
McFarlane, Leslie
Dana Girls
Dave Fearless
Hardy Boys
X Bar X Boys
McKenna, Richard
Tom Swift Jr.
Mulvey, Thomas
Tom Swift Jr.
Rathborne, St. George
Boys of Columbia High
Frank Allen
Outdoor Chums
Pioneer Boys (Young Pioneers)
Sklar, Richard
Tom Swift Jr.
Stratemeyer, Edward *
All books and magazine before 1906.
After 1905 all books and magazine items under the name of Arthur M. Winfield and Captain Ralph Bonehill and his own name. He wrote the outlines for each book in all the series that were created up to his death. His first published story was "Victor Horton's Idea" in a magazine called "Golden Days" Issues Nov 2 through Nov 30, 1889.
Alger Series
American Boys' Biographic Series
Bound to Succeed
Bound to Win
Dave Porter
Great American Industries
Mexican War
Minute Boys *
Old Glory
Putnam Hall Series
Rover Boys
Ship and Shore
Soldiers of Fortune
Stratemeyer Popular Series
Working Upward
Stratemeyer, Louis Charles
Land of Fire (Magazine series)
Strong, Charles
Hardy Boys
Svenson, Andrew *
Bret King Mystery Stories
Happy Hollisters (all)
Hardy Boys
Honey Bunch and Norman
Tolliver Adventure Series
Wynn and Lonny
Waller, George Jr.
Hardy Boys