The Andy Lane Series
by Eustace L. Adams

Andy Lane Whitman Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Whitman Dust-Jacket Eustace L. Adams (July 12, 1891 - March 1, 1963) editor, screenwriter and author, graduated from New York's St. Lawrence University in 1915 and served in the American Ambulance Service and US Naval Service during World War One. In the 1930s he was a prolific contributor of aviation-linked tales to magazines like Argosy and aerial adventure books for the juvenile market, In The Air With Andy Lane and volumes five, six and seven in the Air Combat series.

Four movies were made from his writings. He wrote the screen play for the film "Under Secret Orders", released in 1933. His short story "Sixteen Fathoms Under" was made into the movies "Sixteen Fathoms Deep" in 1934 and into "16 Fathoms Deep" in 1948. His novella "Loot Below", first serialized in Argosy Weekly from December 11, 1937 to January 1, 1938, was made into the movie "Desperate Cargo" in 1941.

The Andy Lane series of aerial adventures starts with "Fifteen Days in the Air", in which Andy's father's invention of a new carburetor allows flights of unprecedented duration. In "Over the Polar Ice" and "Racing Around the World", the same invention makes further feats possible. "The Runaway Airship" – despite its title, heavier-than-air planes are involved – and "Pirates of the Air" feature mid-Atlantic floating landing platforms, not unlike 1934's "Tom Swift And His Ocean Airport." "On the Wings of Flame" describes the successful development of a rocket-driven plane. "The Plane Without a Pilot" describes an advanced autopilot. An early version of the "flying wing" takes Andy and his friends to South Africa in "Wings of Adventure." Andy and company fly through the Arctic wastes to the North Pole in "Across the Top of the World". Set in South America, the final story, "Prisoner of the Clouds", features an all-metal dirigible.

Initally published by Grosset & Dunlap in a light blue cloth binding with orange lettering on the front, it was later changed to a light green composition binding with maroon lettering on the front. Volumes 1 & 2 were later reprinted by Whitman as part of their 2300 series with new dust-jacket art.

Air Combat Series #5 Dust-Jacket Air Combat Series #6 Dust-Jacket Air Combat Series #7 Dust-Jacket
Air Combat Series Books by Eustace L. Adams

"Mr. Adams, the author of this flying series for boys is an experienced aviator and has had many thrilling adventures in the air -- both as a member of the famous Lafayette Escadrille in the World War and in the United States Naval Aviation Service flying with squadrons patrolling the Atlantic Coast. His stories reveal not only his ability to tell daring and exciting air episodes but also his first hand knowledge of modern aeroplanes and the marvelous technical improvements which have been made in the past few years. Andy Lane flies the latest and most highly developed machines in the field of aviation." - Grosset & Dunlap advertisement

Artists (G&D): 1-3 P.S. (unknown artist's initials); 4-12 Seymour Ball
Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket Andy Lane Dust-Jacket

1: Fifteen Days in the Air - 1928
"Andy refuels his ship in the air and sets a new endurance record."

2: Over the Polar Ice - 1928
"In a giant flying boat Andy beats his enemy in a dash to the South Pole."

3: Racing Round the World - 1928
"In a series of thrilling flights Andy wins an air dash around the globe to win a $100,000 prize."

4: The Runaway Airship - 1929
"Through foggy skies Andy Lane brings back the world's greatest passenger carrying dirigible, blown away on the wings of a storm."

5: Pirates of the Air - 1929
"Andy Lane pilots the giant passenger plane Apex No. 4 across the Atlantic in the face of almost overwhelming odds."

6: On the Wings of Flame - 1929
"Andy makes a forced landing in the South American jungle in the dead of night and has thrilling experiences with the natives."

7: The Mysterious Monoplane - 1930

8: The Flying Windmill - 1930

9: The Plane Without a Pilot - 1930

10: Wings of Adventure - 1931

11: Across the Top of the World - 1931

12: Prisoners of the Clouds - 1932