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The Avenger
Ghostly Crime Fighter
Brains Benton
Boy Investigator
Brixton Brothers
by Mac Barnett
Boxcar Children
by Gertrude Warner
Cherry Ames
Nursing Series
Chip Hilton
Clair Bee's Sports Hero
Connie Blair
Mystery Series
The Dana Girls
Sister Sleuths
Doc Savage
The Man Of Bronze
Don Sturdy
Boy Explorer
Encyclopedia Brown
by Donald J. Sobol
The Great Marvel Series
Early Science-Fiction
The Hardy Boys
by Franklin W. Dixon
Horatio Alger
Title Info & Cross-reference
Judy Bolton
Girl Sleuth
Ken Holt
Teen Reporter
Lemony Snicket
Unfortunate Events
Leo Edwards
A Guide To His Books
The Motor Boys
Early Motoring Adventures
The Movie Boys
Early Victor Appleton Series
Nancy Drew
Famous Girl Sleuth
Penny Parker
Mildred Wirt's Other Girl Sleuth
The Radio Boys
Early Radio Adventures
Rick Brant
Science Adventures
The Rover Boys
Tom, Dick & Sam
Ted Scott
Early Flying Stories
Tom Quest
Fran Striker's Other Series
Tom Swift
Young Inventor
Vicki Barr
Flight Stewardess
The X Bar X Boys
Western Adventures
Links to Series Book Sites
Space Cards
The 1958 Topps Cards
The Films of Charlie Chan
Information on the films of the master Chinese detective.
The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu
The books & films of Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu.
Boys Series Books Forum
On Facebook
Girls Series Books Forum
On Facebook
Hardy Boys Fan Forum
On Facebook
Tom Swift Fan Forum
On Facebook
Jazz-pop diva Basia.
A popular culture site
The Bowery Boys Page
Bowery Boys & East Side Kids
I Hate Tim McCarver
The worst announcer in baseball
Japanese Monsters!
Laura Nyro
Life & music of Laura Nyro
Numismatically Speaking
Of interest to coin collectors
Perry Mason TV Show
Starring Raymond Burr
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